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Corrie Walters


Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

I was born in Southern California and developed a love of animals at a very early age. I even won my very first dog training trophy in 1985.  After I finished school in 1993, I moved to Texas with my high school sweetheart and went on to pursue a career in veterinary medicine as a veterinary technician.  I started working at Creature Comfort Animal Clinic in Arlington shortly after moving to Texas.  This just further cemented my desire to help pets and educate owners.  I have spent the last 20 wonderful years there in a range of positions, working with some very knowledgeable veterinarians, but ultimately I wanted to train dogs.  I have always had my hands in dog training with my own dogs, so I enrolled in the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior, where I became a Certified Training Partner. I continually update my education through various seminars and training classes throughout the year that you can find links to on our Resources page.

I still work several days a week at Creature Comfort and spend my off-time raising my 2 boys and caring for our 8 dogs (6 Australian Shepherds, 1 Alaskan Malamute, & 1 Shih Tzu) and 2 cats with my husband of 22 years.  Along with my training, my softer side is helping animals in need.  My husband and I have personally helped rehabilitate and re-home more than 100 dogs and 20 cats, helping them to find their Furry Tail Endings. You can read about some of these special dogs and cats I worked with on our Success Stories page. 


Training Method

West Arlington dog trainer


Corrie Walters, dog trainer


Corrie Walters, dog trainer

Positive Methods Please

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