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We offer group dog training and puppy classes, private sessions, and day training for clients who live in Arlington, Mansfield, and surrounding areas. My goal is to teach you how to teach your pet, so you too may have the dog you have always dreamed of. Every owner and every pet deserves to have a Furry Tail ending. 
Dog Training Classes and Sessions

Group Classes

We offer dog training classes for puppies and adult dogs. 

Next Class Starts:  October 2021

Puppy Classes and Basic Obedience

Puppy Foundation Class

0-12 months


 6 weeks

Cost: $145.00

Dog Aggression and Behavior Training

Basic Foundation Skills  

12 months and older

None at this time 

Cost: $145.00

All group classes held at:

Creature Comfort Animal Clinic:  

2150 West I-20

Arlington, Texas 76017

Skills your dog will learn:

  • Give you attention

  • Offer behavior

  • Sit/down/stay/recall

  • Respond to cues

  • Self control


Skills you will learn:

  • Clicker mechanics

  • How to use positive reinforcement 

  • Problem solving

  • Observation 



Contact us by phone or email to register. Download, print and fill out the form below (available in Word or PDF formats), and bring it to class.

Private Sessions

Day Training

Day Training West Arlington and Mansfield Texas
Day Training West Arlington and Mansfield Texas

Private sessions give you one-on-one time with the trainer to work on specific areas you may be having trouble with. This is also an appropriate option for pets who have special needs like aggression, fearfulness, or any other behavior issues. I can give you uninterrupted attention and create a training plan designed just for you and your dog's specific needs.


Cost: $165 Initial Consultation

Additional Sessions are $100 per hour

Please contact us for more information and reservations.  

Day training is all done at Creature Comfort Animal Clinic. This type of training is designed for people who are either too busy to train or do not want to train their new dog or puppy but still want to have a well trained dog. Your dog comes to the clinic 2 days a week. Each day consists of several training sessions and several controlled social sessions with other dogs.


Your dog learns foundation skills such as:

Sit, down, come, go to mat, targeting, give attention to respond to cues and loose leash walking.


Booking 4 weeks of day training is recommended for best results.  After the 4 weeks I meet with you for a 1 hour session to go over all the skills your dog has learned. You will also be taught how to keep the new skills strong and how to start using the new skills in your everyday life with your dog.


Cost: $190 per day or $1520 prepaid for 4 weeks

Please contact us for more information and reservations.  

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